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Clean Comedy™

Clean Comedy™ is Mark's blend all natural jokes used to maintain healthy laugh levels for all audiences. Learn more!

Mark's Comedy Services

Residential comedy services

Laughs installed directly into your home.

Commercial comedy services

Laughs installed directly into your business.

Laugh-hole repair

Clinically depressed? Mark is certified to turn that frown upside-down.

Joke replacements

Suffering from an awkward joke hanging midair? Mark will diffuse it with a better one and clean up the mess at no extra charge.

Rememberance services

Funerals don't have to be a downer. Let Mark help you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Re-pipe jobs

Your pipe is probably rusty. Mark will buy you a new one.

Mood upgrades

Pulling from a curated arsenal, Mark's jokes will alter your life outlook.

Birthday parties

Treat your loved one to the Mark they deserve on their special day.

Water cooler banter ideas

Don't have time to bone up on current events and celebrity gaffes? Mark to the rescue.

Family Game Nights

Turn your boring family up a notch Mark will bring an assortment of games sure to please every surly nephew, racist uncle, stressed mom, and confused grandpa!

  • Home performances
  • Community Center Performances
  • Funny Library Days
  • Bring Your Favorite Comedian to Work Day
  • Silly Sandwich Making Seminar
  • Garbage disposals and insta-hots
  • No job too small!

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